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  • Itella Scandinavia and Baltics Sales Kick Off conference Gala Dinner at Tallinn Seaplane Harbour for 150 guests held in English.
  • Estonian Transmission System Operator Elering Gala Night at Christmas in Tallinn Old Town for 120 guests held in Estonian.
  • Grundfos Baltics Sales Annual Kick Off Incentive at South of Estonia for 35 participants held in English.
  • Estonian Bartenders Championships 2013 at Retaurant N9 for 120 guests held in Estonian and English.
  • Vocational Education Championships of Estonia at the Estonian Fair Hall for 700 competitors and 5000 thousand visitors. Held in Estonian together with the prize ceremony.
  • AS Smarten Logistics 20th Anniversary for partners and golden clients at the Klinkberg Venue held in Estonian for 150 guests.
  • Lindström Estonia 20th Anniversary for partners and clients at the Lindström Service Center for 150 guests held in Estonian and English.
  • Lippupiste OY Partners incentive seminar and reception at the Vihula Manor in Estonia for 100 guests held in English and finnish.
  • Opus Capita Finland Hawaii Dinner at the Tallinn Flower Pavillion for 120 guests held in finnish.
  • Tridens AS 25th Anniversary for partners all over Europe at the Vihula Manor for 110 guests. Co-hosted together with Rene Riismaa also in Estonian and english.
  • 57th EOQ (The European Organization for Quality) Gala Dinner and Award Ceremony in the Tallinn Seaplane Harbour for 200 guests all over Europe held in english.
  • Saaremaa Cup Youth Football Tournament Opening Ceremony and evening reception for coaches adn parents in Estonia for 1500 participants. Held in estonian, english, russian and finnish.
  • Vaasan Production Plant Official Opening at Saue in Estonia for 150 guests in estonian and english.
  • Nissan Note new model Pre-Launch and Launch campaign preparations and education for freelancers in estonian and english in the Baltic States.
  • Aivar Pilve Law Office 20th Anniversary event at the Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel for 150 guests held in estonian.
  • Siemens Estonia Annual Christmas Gala Concert at the Estonia Opera House of Tallinn for 600 guests held in estonian.
  • Ericsson Estonia Factory Annual Gala Dinner at the Estonian Fair Hall for 2500 guests. Co-hosted with Tanja Mihhailova in english, estonian and russian.
  • Tallinn Airport staff Christmas reception at the Tavern „Kochi Ait“ for 250 guests held in estonian.